Shortly after a preliminary conversation that have Karasuno, Kuroo desires Daichi good luck getting after dark next across the net date

In the fits, Kuroo can be seen many times looking to stop Kiyokawa’s expert in order to either take off him otherwise direct in which his surges is going. He eventually will get a one-mention a surge who would allow Kenma and you may Fukunaga so you’re able to score the latest successful point for Nekoma so you’re able to earn brand new meets and you can improve to a higher bullet.

Despite their amicable natures you to definitely instant, the moment it turned their straight back facing both, Shibayama observes their smile diminish.

Nekoma versus. Sarukawa

The night in advance of, Kuroo informs Yaku to own way more trust within juniors as they are doubtful on the subject handling nationals the following seasons. Kuroo following shows you one although Kenma are reluctant to are the sport when he very first used it, he became to love it. Hearing so it, Yaku doesn’t believe his classmate. Whenever Kenma informs Kuroo which he, in reality, features thoughts, Kuroo sarcastically won’t faith him. After Kenma renders, the third-decades continue their discussion on the him however and you will Kuroo verifies their teammates these are Kenma’s increase in dedication immediately following conference Hinata. Next, Kuroo and Yaku enter into a primary squabble.

For the video game, Kuroo sees one Sarukawa try setting out during the Kenma trying in order to exhaust him. Within Kanazawa’s harsh surge, Kuroo digs it having issue, determined to cover to possess Kenma. Later in the first put, brand new announcers supplement Kuroo among Nekoma’s perhaps most obviously members. During the second lay, Kuroo informs Kenma which he would not browse cool in the event that the guy serves of frustration and his pal tells your to get rid of appearing for example he is that have such fulfillment inside the saying therefore.

When Nekomata warns the group to hold to the, Kuroo boldly verifies that they can. Immediately following Kenma informs the team to deliver golf ball so you’re able to him, they all happily to make certain him which they should do so. Since the match moves on, Nekoma and Sarukawa is caught in a fight regarding emergency, and you will Kenma wishes that he had expected Nekomata so you can other individuals, but not, Kuroo tries to spirits and you can encourage him nevertheless. Following the their win, Kuroo and Yaku is both pleased with Kenma for being in a position to come up with a strategy even with his weakness. After that, Kuroo and you can Kai tease Kenma so you can your admitting which he cares concerning the party. Despite this, Kuroo nonetheless believes one to Karasuno could well be a tough however, awaited enemy getting Nekoma.

Karasuno compared to dating 420 Inarizaki

Nekoma’s middle blockers, in addition to Kuroo, are quite ready to come across Tsukishima cut off Suna however they are proven wrong when Suna score previous your alternatively. Watching Osamu dump his mood and serve totally out of bounds, Kuroo opinions one to even after Karasuno adding good-enough fight, Inarizaki perform have a huge head. Later on, Kenma requires Kuroo exactly what he would do regarding Suna in the event that Nekoma was to not in favor of them. Kuroo would later address which he perform simply just be sure to stay written however, know he would however just be sure to cut-off Suna. Regardless of this, he or she is logical regarding Tsukishima’s option to adapt to Suna’s strikes and you may candidates that he is having fun with their prevents to help you alert new backrow players of just what Suna will try.

After the fits is more than and you may Nekoma reunites right back within its inn. Yamamoto and Kenma have emerged arguing throughout the Karasuno’s larger support. Kuroo scolds Kenma about how he would be to shelter himself way more given that of one’s cold however, grows hushed after asked in the event the Nekoma could’ve defeated Ushijima or the Miya twins. While the an attempted become-right back, Kuroo answers which they you’ll at the least was.

Nekoma compared to. Karasuno

While the suits up against Karasuno is just about to begin, Kuroo shakes hands which have Daichi if you find yourself flirting the newest head in the his class as the master of one’s traveling laps. Daichi manage borrowing from the bank his people become experts of the penalty laps as a consequence of Kuroo therefore the other people when you find yourself squeeze Kuroo’s hand significantly.